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Post-production reinvented

SyncDNA is a real-time, sample accurate, high-resolution audio recording and collaboration system. SyncDNA enables seamless, intuitive workflows for producers, engineers, artists, musicians and composers who want to create a virtual studio environment anywhere in the world.

ADR remote recording

Remote recording for ADR with multiple actors in perfect audio and video synchronization creates a real-time experience between actors during live remote recording. SyncDNA’s unique synchronization, distribution and transmission technology provides perfect synchronization of any media object over the unreliable internet from anywhere in the world.

Review stage with Dolby Atmos

Review stage with Dolby Atmos support directly from any DAW or NLE to any online reviewer using the SyncDNA standalone application, including both video and audio support.

Music remote recording:

Record a full band, a symphony orchestra or a pianist in real-time remotely. With SyncDNA, remote recording is possible with multiple musicians recording from multiple locations. SyncDNA circumvents latency across the unreliable and traffic-heavy internet, allowing musicians to collaborate and record remotely in perfect synchronization.

The executive team:

SyncDNA’s executive team is a dynamic group of producers and mixing engineers passionate about music production and technological innovation. Each member brings a unique expertise in their respective areas. We are a team built on fresh ideas, creativity and hard work. Our passion for delivering the best product in the world is in our DNA.

The founders of the company is Arne Wilhelmsen (CEO), John Bailey (CTO), Gary Lux (Sr. VP of Industry Relations/Brand Ambassador), Dominic Castro (VP of Products) and Greg Secord (Board Chair). Collectively this team has an immense reach within the American, and thus western, music and movie industry. Having produced or mixed for artists such as Aretha Franklin, Sting, Britney Spears, Nickleback, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendez, Jackson 5 and many more! 

Press the logo at the top or visit the page here for more information:

Atmosphere Studios is SyncDNA's showcase studio and testfacility.

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